todo list

The HARD TO-Day List

I work with many patients who have ADHD or other difficulties in achieving their goals. This tool is a To-do list that I have used myself to help focus my energies on the hardest and most important tasks of the day. This to-do list was designed to be placed on a clipboard, to act as the day’s dashboard. Click on the image to download.


  • Place your most dreaded task in the HARDest Task box. Complete this task first and draw a line thru it.
  • Items that must be accomplished TODAY go in the respective box. Limit these to 2-3 of your most critical tasks.
  • If something can be done LATER this week, place the task in that box.
  • NOTES: self-explanatory.
  • These instructions are not to be considered medical advice. Feel free to use this and distribute if you find it helpful.