Dr. Jeremy Martinez is an Addiction Psychiatrist and the CEO of Matrix Institute on Addictions.  He is the founder of The Solstice Clinic, which is now under the ownership of Dr. James Luzano, MD.   For an appointment at The Solstice Clinic, or to reach Dr. Luzano, please call 310-737-8499.jeremy

Dr. Martinez is a graduate of Harvard University and attended medical school at UC San Diego. He completed training in Psychiatry at the UCLA-San Fernando Valley Program and in Addiction Psychiatry at UCLA Neuropsychiatric Institute. He is board certified in Psychiatry, Addiction Psychiatry, and Addiction Medicine.

His interests include psychosocial evidence-based practices (EBPs), the use of technology in addiction treatment, and cultural issues in behavioral health treatment. In his free time, he has developed products for behavioral health treatment, including a nutritional supplement, ALCOVITE, for alcohol related vitamin deficiencies and a CD for Anxiety and Stress that uses guided imagery, mindfulness, and meditation.

Matrix Drug Treatment

Matrix Model Treatment

For drug or alcohol treatment at the Matrix Institute on Addictions, please call 800-310-7700

Matrix Provides Intensive Outpatient Treatment as well as a Narcotic Treatment Program.  Please call for more information.

Matrix Model Training

For training in The Matrix Model, please contact Ahndrea Weiner, Director of Training at

Matrix Administration

To reach Dr. Martinez at the Administrative Office at Matrix, you may call 310-478-6006


Alcovite_Bottle_Amazon-Cropped-228x475ALCOVITE is a specially-designed vitamin supplement for those who drink alcohol regularly. This supplement contains Vitamin B-12 (1000 mcg) , Folic Acid (800 mcg), Thiamine (100 mg), and Vitamin B-6 (2 mg), based on the amounts of these vitamins usually prescribed to alcoholics in treatment. To purchase, please visit Amazon.com ALCOVITE – Dietary Supplement


Dr. Martinez has also produced a meditation CD that combines breathing exercised, mindfulness, and guided imagery. For reducing anxiety, these exercises are like a software update the brain. Available soon on Amazon.